Springhill College Yenni Hall
Owner: Springhill College
Architect: Volkert and Associates

Building is over 100 years old. The building was in in dilapidated condition - approximately 12,000 SF (3 stories). Underwent a renovation in which the building was "gutted." Completely renovated interior - repaned exterior stucco and repainted. Replaced all windows with new insulated windows. Worth $1,200,000 before renovation; now valued at $2,000,000. Added fire sprinkler system with jockey pump. Cut out a portion of the 2nd and 3rd floor at the entrance to create a 3-story atrium at the entrance. Created small auditorium classrooms on 1st floor. Classrooms on 2nd floor and administrated offices on 3rd floor. Constructed a 3-story addition on the rear for restrooms and elevator. Added structural steel beams on 1st and 2nd floors to improve structural integrity of the building. Poured gypcrete on all 3 floors to level them. Power blasted the existing brick walls with pecan shells to remove layers of paint and expose the old brick. The brick for this building was made on the jobsite by hand labor.

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